Tom Markham, in Joyful Child Journal, says, “Children born since the early 1980s are especially aligned with the rapidly increasing vibratory rate of the earth. By focusing on this accelerated — or superconscious — level of awareness, we will grasp the essential nature of our children.” Children today are coming in with more awareness of the “superconscious” or higher and deeper levels of being than we did — and this may be true of each successive generation. The trouble our parents got into was holding on to the styles and values of their own parents. Some of those values and styles don’t work anymore. The acceleration of awareness has increased exponentially because the media has exposed the figures of power and authority as being fallible, not all-powerful. In fact, we have all seen their flaws, their struggles, their hypocrisy, and their vulnerable humanity.

While I have always been able to relate to and have been interested in the time of my parents’ youth (the ‘30s and ‘40s), my kids have little interest in the era of might, the ‘50s and ‘60s. In fact, as my daughter told me once, these times seem like a “fairy tale from another planet.” Most kids are future-oriented in a more realistic way than my generation was.

Our kids are more open, in a sense, to what is. They know in their cells how rapidly things are changing. For those who don’t have a solid spiritual grounding, this makes them feel lost, hopeless, and meaningless. For others, who want the wealth their parents generated in the wild 1980s, money seems to be the key to life and they pursue it with a single-minded zeal that may or may not include integrity. For those who are poor, with neither spiritual grounding nor the experience of wealth (either in the sense of money, security, or love), the helplessness is even more deeply ingrained. A sense of purpose is often not even part of their picture, much less the goal of a meaningful life. They can be so disempowered by their experience, their parents’ example, and their parents’ style of discipline, that personal power and the concept of integrity are beyond their reach.

It is important for s to try to live a life based on spiritual and/or ethical principles, and model for our children healthy alternatives to a disempowered, frustrated life.

© 2015 Vimala McClure


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